If you’re looking for a dentist near you that is a trusted dental care provider for the family and cosmetic dentistry in Stockton, California, then Lakefront Smiles with Dr. Pushpinder Sethi is the dentist you are looking for. We work hard to ensure your first visit is as comfortable and relaxing as possible so that you’ll keep coming back to us for all your needs.

First Visits

Your first visit to the dentist can be intimidating, especially if you have dental anxiety. Our dental care team can help ease the anxiety by providing a relaxing environment where our well-trained staff members can explain things in easy-to-understand terms and are here to support you throughout the process.

On your first visit, you meet the team and the dentist. We take x-rays and learn a  bit about your oral health history. From there, we can set you up with a plan for all the services you’ll need. We’ll be there for you if you need routine exams, cleanings, gum disease treatment, cavity treatment, misaligned or crowded teeth treatment, or any other smile care treatment.

Feel free to discuss any concerns with the dentist or one of our staff members so we can better help you get the oral health care you want and deserve.


We believe that coming to the dentist should be a relaxing experience. That’s why, when you enter our office, you’ll find that we have TVs with streaming services for your enjoyment, magazines, and even soothing spa-like music to create an air of relaxation and calm while you wait for your appointment to begin.

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