When Do You Need Emergency Dentistry?

When Do You Need Emergency Dentistry?

December 1, 2021

Would you need help from an emergency dentist paying higher prices for any services if you maintain your dental hygiene in excellent condition? Chances are, you wouldn’t even think of visiting the emergency dentist near me requesting any services unless you are affected by an unexpected dental problem. Even when you confront severe dental issues, your first thought would be to call your regular dentist for advice.

Generally, you don’t need emergency dental care unless you are affected by a problem that needs prompt attention. For example, although aggravating, lost fillings, broken crowns, mild toothaches, or even broken dental appliances do not need attention from emergency dentistry. However, you must ensure you see your regular dentist by scheduling an appointment with them as soon as possible.

What Can You Do If You Think You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Things can get pretty challenging to determine where to go when affected by a dental issue. Whenever possible, call your dentist 95207. However, if the problem occurs beyond office hours, call the dental office near me, where you may be directed to an answering service and have your dentist call you back. Unfortunately, if your dentist doesn’t have an answering machine, you can consider contacting the Stockton dentist to find relief from the problem and treat the issue.

Which Dental Emergencies Are Most Common?

Some dental emergencies frequently occur than others and need attention from the emergency dentist in Stockton to save your tooth or relieve pain. Some examples of dental emergencies that require a trip to an emergency dentist are severe toothaches, chips and cracks, loose or knocked-out teeth, soft tissue injury, and missing or loose dental restorations.

Severe toothaches often result from untreated infections in your tooth that have aggravated to affect your dental pulp. In such cases, you may even have a dental abscess near the roots of your tooth over your gums. The dental abscess causes fever, excruciating pain, swelling to your face, et cetera, needing immediate treatment from emergency dentists to save your tooth and prevent the infection from spreading. When you visit emergency dentists with a severe toothache, they will likely examine your tooth while providing painkillers and antibiotics and recommend that you undergo root canal treatment to eradicate the infection soon after you recover from the dental abscess using antibiotics.

Suppose you have a loose tooth. Do whatever possible to keep the tooth in its socket by putting some moistened gauze over it to keep pressure on the tooth. Try not to touch the tooth’s roots to avoid introducing new bacteria. Rinse your mouth with salt water to alleviate pain and keep you comfortable while you wait to get to the dentist.

If you have a minor chipped tooth, the problem doesn’t require assistance from emergency dentists because you can wait until you see your regular dentist for repairs. However, if an impact has cracked your tooth down to the roots, you must seek treatment from emergency dentists to avoid aggravating the condition. In addition, a severely cracked tooth may need immediate treatment with a dental crown or extraction to ensure the tooth doesn’t become infected to cause more problems in your mouth.

Similar is a situation if you have a knocked-out tooth from accidents or impacts to your mouth. Knocked-out teeth need timely action and treatment within 30 minutes if you want to be without a toothless grin. You must collect the tooth from the floor and rinse it in water and try to place the tooth back in its socket if you can. Unfortunately, if you fail in your attempt, you can set the tooth in a container and head to the nearest emergency dentist to have them reinsert the tooth into its socket. Remember you must get to the dentist’s office within 30 minutes for successful reinsertion, failing which the condition compels you to search for replacement solutions.

Suppose you want to understand when you may need emergency dentistry services. In that case, you must remain proactive with your dental hygiene routine and schedule regular appointments with your dentist for exams and cleanings. Your dentist can detect issues in your mouth that may aggravate emergencies and warn you to stay on guard ahead of time.

If you cannot get your regular dentist for any reason, why not schedule an appointment with Lakefront Smiles to determine when emergency dentistry becomes essential. The dentists at the facility provide all information you need about dental emergencies.

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