What Are the Complications of Root Canal Therapy?

What Are the Complications of Root Canal Therapy?

October 1, 2022

Root canals are an excellent treatment to fix infections within a tooth to preserve it. However, root canal therapy is stigmatized as a painful treatment that causes multiple combinations by many. Unfortunately, the spreaders of the myth haven’t mentioned an infected tooth in the mouth causes additional complications without root canal specialist near me.

Root canals performed to eradicate infections to the dental pulp within your tooth help preserve it besides eliminating the excruciating pain and sensitivity you experience with the infected tooth in your jaw. Therefore if recommended this treatment for a painful tooth by a dentist near me, you will do well to express happiness that the dental professional is offering you an opportunity to save your tooth instead of having it extracted.

What Are Root Canals?

Root canals, also called endodontic therapy, is a procedure to remove the infected or inflamed dental pulp inside your tooth’s canals resulting from an untreated cavity, chips, or breaks in the tooth, et cetera. This therapy is the only alternative to clear the infection if you wish to preserve your natural tooth.

If you refuse this excellent therapy in favor of keeping the infected tooth in your jaw, you confront more complications and challenges that are associated with undergoing the treatment. Your mouth is associated with your entire body, and leaving the infection untreated will encourage the bacteria on the condition to spread to your body to create different health issues. In addition, the risks of losing your infected tooth remain because it falls out eventually after dying a slow death. Instead of inviting all the above, you find it beneficial to have a root canal performed by an experienced dentist nearby to find relief from the pain and stress.

Complications Associated with Endodontic Therapy

All surgical procedures have some complications associated, and root canals are not an exception. Therefore, when you accept the proposal of the nearby dentist to undergo root canal therapy in Stockton, CA, you can expect the dentist to complete the procedure in one of two visits, depending on which tooth needs the treatment. While the specialist performing the root canal provides after-care instructions for your recovery, they recommend you follow them diligently to avoid unnecessary complications.

Root canal-treated teeth generally last for a lifetime. However, following the suggested after-care instructions by the dentist helps prevent some issues that might affect you rarely.

For example, if the dentist failed to remove all bacteria from the root canal or a canal was undetected, you might experience persistent infection even after restoring the tooth with a dental crowns near you.

If you delayed or had your tooth restored with a permanent dental fillings instead of a dental crown, the filling might wear with time to cause your mouth bacteria to re-enter the tooth to create further infections.

If you had root canal therapy on a molar containing multiple canals instead of one in the anterior teeth, the dentist’s chances of missing a curvy and slimy canal remain. Bacteria in the canal can cause pain in the days following the treatment or years later. Therefore as it is familiar with any surgical procedure, complications also exist with root canals, although most endodontic procedures are incredibly successful.

Actions to Take If Experiencing Root Canal Failure

If you experience pain, fever, dental abscess, and swelling around your face, you find it beneficial to contact the Stockton specialist without wasting time to identify the cause of your discomfort.

When you visit the specialist with pain on a previously treated tooth, a professional will likely x-ray it to determine the damage’s extent. If you have an infection in the tooth, they will undoubtedly recommend antibiotics to control the condition besides painkillers to help alleviate the discomfort. In addition, you will receive a recommendation to undergo root canal re-treatment to eliminate any infection present in the tooth.

The suggestion from the specialist shouldn’t alarm you or make you wonder whether you acted wisely when you received this therapy initially. However, you must understand that these minor complications exist with every surgical procedure. Unfortunately, if they affect your root canal-treated tooth, the best option is to undergo re-treatment that helps preserve your tooth and get a dental crown over it to strengthen and fortify it.

The myths about root canal treatment are scarier than the chances of problems developing in the treated tooth or refusing the therapy altogether. If you experience complications with a root canal-treated tooth, rest assured the dentist has a remedy to help you overcome the problem without getting your tooth extracted.

Lakefront Smiles performs many root canals on patients using sophisticated instruments and the latest technology to prevent complications in your tooth after this surgical procedure. If you have excruciating pain and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures providing evidence that you need a root canal, kindly do not hesitate to contact this dental practice to receive endodontic surgery for your tooth.

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