Teeth Whitening: the Facts about Bleaching Teeth

Teeth Whitening: the Facts about Bleaching Teeth

January 1, 2022

Does everyone have brilliantly white teeth as they desire? Of course, everyone loves a bright white smile as depicted in Hollywood or various television shows. Unfortunately, you can unknowingly develop stains on your teeth even when you think you maintain appropriate dental hygiene.

You may think you must get your teeth whitened to stop displaying your discolored and stained teeth. However, have you tried to figure out what is causing the discoloration to your teeth? If not, you help yourself by knowing the causes of the discoloration because it gives you a better understanding of which solution you can use to get your teeth whitened.

Please do not rush to drugstores or convenience stores searching for teeth whitening products available over-the-counter. The varieties available will likely confuse you into making incorrect choices for whitening your teeth. Please understand you cannot expose your teeth to any whitening remedy claiming to offer you brilliant results without sufficient knowledge of the kind of discoloration affecting your teeth.

What Precisely Causes Your Teeth to Discolor?

There are two types of discoloration you can have on your teeth. The first is intrinsic stains developing from aging, trauma, infections, and medications. Intrinsic stains are deep and are challenging to remove unless you receive proper treatment from the dentist near me. The second variety is extrinsic stains developing from the foods and beverages you consume and habits like smoking and inappropriate dental hygiene practices. Whitening treatments remove extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains benefit better from bleaching treatments using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

If the staining on your teeth is intrinsic, you must seek help from a dentist providing teeth whitening near you for optimal results delivered instantly in the dental office near me. Contacting a dentist to whiten your teeth may scare you because dentists charge higher prices for whitening treatments. However, teeth whitening from a dentist is recommended even by the ADA because dental professionals are the best when providing teeth bleaching treatments for intrinsic stain removal. Besides delivering instant results, in-office teeth whitening remains with you longer than over-the-counter products. Therefore if you want to make a worthwhile investment in your smile, you must visit a dental professional to have your teeth whitened.

How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

Please do not assume teeth whitening treatments from dentists deliver permanent results because they don’t. Whether you decide to use over-the-counter products or get Stockton teeth whitening, there are differences that you must consider while remembering no whitening remedy lasts forever. Over-the-counter products provide minimal results lasting for a few months but require sufficient time before they begin working. Bleaching treatments from dentists deliver instant results, improving the color of your teeth by three to eight shades out of 16. However, the results remain with you for 24 to 36 months, depending on how you follow the care instructions provided by the dentist in Stockton to maintain the effects of teeth whitening.

What Does the Teeth Bleaching Treatment Involve?

In-office teeth bleaching treatments involve the application of concentrated hydrogen or carbamide peroxide over your teeth for approximately one hour after protecting the soft tissues of your mouth against sensitivity. Dentists reapply the peroxide ingredient over your teeth every 15 minutes, accelerating the treatment with heat or light, whitening your teeth by several shades within the hour.

You might consider trying peroxide-based solutions available over-the-counter at home because they are more affordable than dentist-provided whitening treatments. Unfortunately, over-the-counter bleaching products contain low peroxide concentrations and are ineffective in whitening your teeth instantly as desired. In addition, left on your teeth for an extended period, the low concentration peroxide can cause sensitivity to your teeth or even damage them, requiring further treatments from dentist 95207. Therefore, if you want to avoid unnecessary hassles, the better option for you is to contact the Stockton dentist for professional in-office teeth whitening and instantly have the brighter smile you desire.

When you visit dentists for teeth whitening near you, the benefits of the treatment help you improve your smile while at the same time also allowing you to receive a dental cleaning helping you remove any plaque and tartar buildup over your teeth. The whitening dentist ensures your teeth are in excellent shape before the bleaching to deliver your desired results.

Teeth Whitening After-Care

The teeth whitening results are merely as good as you take care of them. After whitening your teeth from dentists, you must ensure you refrain from allowing stains to develop on your teeth. Limit or avoid consuming pigmented foods and beverages, quit smoking, and avoid any habits that may discolor your teeth sooner than expected. Maintaining proper dental hygiene, brushing and flossing your teeth as recommended by the dentist, and getting regular exams and cleanings are also essential.

Are you still confused about which option you must choose to whiten your teeth? Why not visit Lakefront Smiles for a free consultation to determine how to whiten your teeth better and faster to give you a brilliant white smile.

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