Professional Teeth Whitening After-Care Guide

Professional Teeth Whitening After-Care Guide

September 1, 2022

Your smile says much about you. Therefore, you will always ensure that it is beautiful and healthy. One of the cosmetic dentistry near me options for a perfect smile is teeth whitening near you. The treatment will lift off stains from teeth, leaving them whiter and more beautiful.

There are various teeth whitening methods that promise a great smile. However, whitening by a dentist is the safest and most effective method. The dentist will give you an amazing smile that looks natural. They provide procedures like Zoom®teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening, and whitening trays. Read on for teeth whitening after-care guides after Stockton teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening After-Care Guide

Your teeth require utmost care during the first 48 hours after whitening near you. It is because they are sensitive and more prone to discoloring immediately after the treatment. Therefore, there are things you should avoid or do following the whitening procedure. The Stockton teeth whitening after-care guide recommends the following tips:

  1. Avoid Certain Beverages

Teeth whitening involves using agents that open up a tooth’s pores to lift off the stains. These pores remain open for several hours. Therefore, if your teeth contact any colored drinks, they absorb the dye and discolor. Consequently, you must avoid pigmented beverages like red wine, coffee, tea, sodas, beer, and fruit juices.

You should also avoid acidic drinks because they lead to enamel softening, tooth erosion, and cavities. These include sour fruit juices and carbonated drinks. Therefore, avoid drinks with oranges, lemons, lime, mandarin, and strawberry. In addition, do not take those extremely cold or hot because they cause tooth sensitivity.

Use a straw if you must take them because it will help the liquids to bypass your teeth, avoiding the effects. Alternatively, you can stick to beverages that will not impact your teeth. These include milk, white wine, coconut milk, still or unflavored sparkling water, and clear alcohol.

  1. Check What You Eat

Immediately after whitening your teeth, the open pores cause extreme teeth sensitivity. Therefore, you should avoid foods that are too cold or too hot to prevent sensitivity. The dentist near you will also recommend avoiding acidic foods in the first two days after whitening. This is because your teeth are more prone to erosion and cavities in this period.

Avoid staining foods in the first 48 hours. Instead, eat them sparingly later to keep your teeth whiter for longer. These include dark-colored sauces like red pasta, barbecue, and soy sauce. Also, avoid dark chocolate as it contains caffeine that stains teeth.

Avoid chewy or sticky foods because they may get stuck to the teeth surfaces and stain or damage them. Instead, eat foods that do not stain teeth or cause enamel erosion or tooth sensitivity. These include white meats, plain starches, eggs, white cheese, cauliflowers, apples, and vegetables.

  1. Use Products That Reduce Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a side effect of teeth whitening that lasts a few days. It leads to great discomfort in cold or hot temperatures. You can prevent tooth sensitivity by avoiding hot or cold foods and beverages. In addition, you can ask your dentist 95207 to recommend a brand of toothpaste or gel that reduces sensitivity.

  1. Stop Using Tobacco Products

Quit smoking or using products containing tobacco. This is because the nicotine in them discolors teeth, turning them into a brownish yellow.

  1. Clean Your Teeth Gently and Regularly

Good dental hygiene will help keep your smile whiter and healthy. When brushing your teeth after a whitening treatment, gently use a soft-bristled toothbrush. It is because the teeth might be sensitive and prone to discomfort.

  1. Do Not Use Whitening Treatments Immediately

Sometimes, your teeth may not be perfectly white after bleaching. It is usually due to aging, tobacco use, or even genes. So, some people who are not completely pleased with their smiles after having them whitened repeat the process right away. As a result, the whitening agents harm the enamel and gums, causing permanent damage. So, wait for about six months before repeating the treatment.

  1. Follow Up With a Dentist

A dentist near me can help you keep your smile whiter and healthier after teeth whitening. The expert will professionally clean your teeth to remove plaque and surface stains. They will also provide fluoride treatments to keep your teeth strong and cavity-free. For instance, we offer teeth whitening and follow-ups for a healthier, whiter smile at Lakefront Smiles.

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