How to Care for Your Invisalign: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

How to Care for Your Invisalign: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

May 1, 2023

After getting Invisalign near you to straighten your teeth, it is essential to remember the clear aligners need cleaning every night. Although you are supposed to discard the aligners, you must recognize the cleaning because you will likely have smelly and dirty aligners on your teeth.

When starting Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, you receive advice on the best practices to keep your aligners clean from Invisalign’s provider. Keep reading if you still need to receive the instructions and learn about them from this article.

Cleaning Vs. Renting Invisalign Braces

It helps if you remember differences exist between cleaning and rinsing. Rinsing your aligners will make them appear slightly cleaner but leaves the bacteria that can build up on them intact. Therefore you must follow the fundamental cleaning process listed by Invisalign on their website for cleaning the aligners every night.

Rinse your aligners every night and gently brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush other than your regular toothbrush. Use clear liquid soap to remove food particles and debris accumulated on them during the day. Rinse the aligners thoroughly after brushing. Store the braces in their protective case if not using them.

Cleaning Accessories

Invisalign markets a product called Steraligner with trays. Steraligner ingredients include rubbing alcohol and sodium bicarbonate, a natural antiseptic. When cleaning your aligners, please place them in the tray for three minutes and rinse the sterilizing solution before brushing them with warm water. You can also purchase Invisalign crystals that are dissolvable in water to soak your aligners. The crystals contain cleaning agents and sodium sulfate. The ingredients are similar to products used to clean retainers if you want an affordable product than the cleaning crystals.

How Often Do the Aligners Need Cleaning?

Invisalign aligners need nightly cleaning when you brush and floss your teeth. The cleaning helps remove food particles, debris, and bacteria that naturally accumulate throughout the day. In addition, you can also clean the levels if they appear dirty or if you accidentally drank some colored beverage while wearing the aligners over your teeth. Finally, cleaning the aligners is essential if you wear them too soon after eating.

Besides the extensive cleaning measures, you must also rinse your aligners every time you remove them from your teeth. Although the aligners need replacement every two weeks, they are best cleaned daily. Failure to clean the aligners can make them appear discolored and result in a lousy breath. In addition, you are constantly exposing your teeth to built-up bacteria.

Should You Avoid Any Cleansers?

Some cleansers are harsh and damaging for use on Invisalign in Stockton or obtained from any place in America. For example, you must avoid using denture cleansers, mouthwash brands containing alcohol, scented soaps which can taste bitter, and toothpaste. You must also avoid using cleansing soaps with added dyes like blue, red, or green. Your Invisalign braces can easily stain, making them distinguishable in your mouth instead of virtually invisible. When cleaning Invisalign aligners, you must avoid using a coarse-bristled toothbrush and stick to soft bristles because they can damage your Invisalign aligners.

Best Practices When Caring for Your Invisalign

Following the best practices suggested by the dentist near you for caring for your aligners helps keep them clean and bacteria-free. Some examples include:

  • Removing your aligners when eating to eliminate food particles from becoming trapped in them or damaging the aligners leaving them ineffective.

  • Refrain from drinking beverages other than water when the aligners are over your teeth. If not, you risk straining and damaging the braces.

  • Do not use hot water to clean the aligners.

  • Store your Invisalign aligners when not using them in an airtight container. This prevents the likelihood of losing them and offers protection from bacteria.


Invisalign is a popular remedy for adults and teenagers to straighten teeth. However, Invisalign aligners need regular cleaning for maximum effectiveness.

Caring for your aligners ensures that the case remains clear and virtually invisible as possible. As they are intended for disposal after two weeks, they cannot withstand harsh cleaning methods, abrasive brushes, or hot water.

If you find it challenging to keep your aligners clean, discuss the problem with your dentist in stockton. They can recommend specific techniques for your dental needs and keep your mouth and aligners clean.

If you have received Invisalign aligners to straighten your teeth from Lakefront Smiles, consider yourself fortunate because you receive a comprehensive set of cleaning and maintenance instructions from the provider. Following the specific directions of the dentist helps you keep your Invisalign braces clean and virtually invisible in your mouth.

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