Benefits of Dental Bonding Treatment

Benefits of Dental Bonding Treatment

November 1, 2022

Given a chance, would you do anything to change your smile? Many people’s response to that question is a sure yes. A few touch-ups can help you realize the smile of your dreams. Fortunately, dental bonding offers the perfect solution for improving your teeth’ shape, size, and color.

What Is Dental Bonding?

It is a cosmetic procedure in dentistry. Dental bonding in Stockton, CA, entails layering teeth with a tooth-colored material called composite. The composite covers any imperfections in teeth’ surfaces, improving the general appearance of teeth.

Composite bonding is a simple and quick cosmetic procedure. The composite resin comes in a putty-like state, making application quick and effortless. During application, the dentist molds the resin to create the desired shape and size for the intended result. Afterward, (s)he uses IV light or laser to harden the resin, bonding it well with your natural teeth.

How Do Dentists Use Dental Bonding?

Our dental team at Lakefront Smiles uses dental bonding treatments to achieve various cosmetic modifications for patients. As a cosmetic procedure, dental bonding near you can affect your smile in the following ways:

  1. Teeth whitening – instead of enamel bleaching, dental bonding can elevate your teeth’ color. It works by masking all underlying discoloration. Besides, composite is tooth-colored, meaning you can pick the shade of white you prefer for your teeth.
  2. Teeth contouring – entails reshaping teeth to improve their shapes. Usually, a dentist near me can contour your teeth to lengthen, widen, straighten or accentuate them.
  3. Teeth spacing – dental bonding is an incredible solution for closing small gaps between teeth. Dentists prefer to work with spaces up to 0.5mm. For big gaps, you may have to consider other options, like braces in orthodontic dentistry.

When Should You Consider Dental Bonding Treatment?

Technically, dental bonding can benefit anyone. The only determining factor is your desire to improve your smile’s appearance. Usually, aesthetic-conscious patients benefit the most from cosmetic bonding procedures. Some of the indicators that you may need composite bonding for your teeth are:

  1. Tooth fractures – dental bonding is an ideal solution if your teeth are cracked, chipped, or broken.
  2. Crooked teeth – instead of dental braces, consider dental bonding to straighten your crooked teeth.
  3. Oddly shaped teeth – teeth should have an ideal shape that compliments your facial appearance. Dentists near you employ composite bonding to influence teeth to shape, accentuating your facial features.
  4. Worn down or unusually short teeth – dental bonding can give the illusion of longer teeth.
  5. Dental cavities – although it is not a cosmetic function of dental bonding, composite can repair a tooth cavity. In this case, the dentist uses it as an alternative filling material to traditional options like amalgams.

Is Dental Bonding A Worthy Investment?

If you have severe dental flaws, you do not need much convincing to try dental bonding for cosmetic modifications. However, consider the following benefits of dental bonding that make it s worthwhile cosmetic treatment in dentistry:

  1. Quick fix – dental bonding is ideally a quick procedure. It takes roughly under 45 minutes to complete restoring your tooth.
  2. Non-invasive approach – no surgery or enamel shaving is necessary during dental bonding. Instead, the dentist roughens the tooth surface to promote better adhesion.
  3. Preservation of natural tooth structure – instead of shaving or drilling, composite bonding layers your teeth, preserving the enamel. Besides, the composite becomes a seal that acts as a barrier between bacteria and your natural teeth.
  4. Reversibility – if you dislike the results of your treatment, you can reverse it. No damage will be present on your teeth.
  5. Versatility – composite bonding can fix many imperfections on your teeth in one go. For instance, dental bonding can be the only treatment to fix all those problems if you have a cracked, stained, and crooked tooth.
  6. Strengthening teeth – weak and worn-down teeth can greatly benefit from composite bonding treatments. The added layer will even better a tooth’s health for longer.


If you are ready for a drastic change in your lode, there is no harm in considering cosmetic bonding for your teeth. It can improve your smile enough to influence your self-confidence and quality of life.

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