A Perfect Guide on Sealants for Kids - Lakefront Smiles

A Perfect Guide on Sealants for Kids - Lakefront Smiles

May 1, 2022

Even if your little one follows good oral hygiene habits, cleaning the deep grooves and pits on the back teeth with the toothbrush is tough. Plaque starts forming on the teeth surfaces. Over time, this results in the development of cavities. Thus, it is better to prevent the issue with dental sealants near you. The dentist recommends the sealant for the first and second permanent molars.

Benefits of Dental Sealants in Stockton

Below are the advantages you can expect for your kid by getting sealants:

Helps in Avoiding Fillings

Sealants are built specially to prevent plaque accumulation on the back teeth. It helps in improving the oral health of your little one. Also, the procedure is non-invasive. Firstly, the dentist cleans and makes the tooth surface rough. After that, the expert paints the dental sealants onto it.

On the contrary, the dental professional eliminates the decayed tooth bits during the dental filling. Then, the dentist restores the affected tooth using a cavity filling.

Maintains a Gorgeous Smile

Is your kid prone to tooth decay? Dr. Sethi, a renowned dentist in Stockton, suggests a dental sealant. It helps your little one build a powerful foundation for oral health. Dental sealants usually work by preventing future cavities from developing.

How Do Sealants Work?

Dental sealants seal and protect the teeth. Once installed, they add an extra protective layer over the difficulty to brush regions by creating a smooth surface. It helps to keep the leftover food bits away and makes your kids’ teeth free of cavities.

As per the ADA (American Dental Association), the dentist also puts sealants over cavities early to stop tooth decay from progressing. Since dental sealants are transparent, the dental professional can easily see what is inside the tooth.

How Long Do Sealants Stay?

Dental sealants protect teeth for about ten years. But they may have chips or wear and tear with the passing time and may require some touch-ups at a routine dental check-up.

The Stockton dentist at Lakefront Smiles will evaluate your mouth and recommend its reapplication if required. When a kid loses a dental sealant, the protective cover is lost. It even makes the tooth prone to cavity development.

What is the Right Age That My Kid Can Get a Sealant?

Kids between the 6 to 14 age group can get sealants installed. As per American Dental Association, the first molars erupt in around six years. However, the second molars develop at 12 years of age.

The majority of dental professionals advise sealing these teeth immediately when they occur. Sealants are also applicable to baby teeth when they have pits or deep grooves.

What Can You Expect During the Sealant Procedure?

The application of sealants is a fast and pain-free process. Firstly, the dentist cleans the affected tooth to free the germs and food bits from the grooves. Now, the expert puts a special gel on for some time and then uses water to wash it off with water.

Then, the dentist makes the tooth dry and paints a thin layer of sealant material by shining a special light. After a few seconds, the light helps make the dental sealants hard and seal the desired tooth.

What Can You Expect After the Sealant Procedure?

Dental sealants are white, clear, or tinted slightly in color. It means they are invisible when your little one talks or smiles. At first, the bite of your little one may feel strange depending upon the sealant material used. However, it is completely ok.

Your kid’s bite will adjust to normal after several days of sealant application. Moreover, there are no special precautionary measures to follow after the procedure. So, your little one can drink or consume anything immediately after getting sealants.

Should Adults Get Dental Sealants?

Cavities can develop on teeth at any age. So, even adults can use sealants as a preventative measure to protect their adult molars from further decay. However, they cannot be installed on teeth that already have dental fillings.

Are you or your kid interested in getting sealants? Get in touch with our dental office near me immediately. It can expect you to stand between $40-$60 per tooth. However, some insurance plans can lower that price.

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